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How to put up a Camping Skiff Tent

Posted on 22nd July 2019

It can be tricky to put up a camping skiff tent, specially after a visit to the riverside pub (not recommended!) Here’s our step by step guide – can be done by one, best by two!

  1. Add the steel hoops in order: they are engraved at the top – I at the bow (front) IIII at the stern (back) See below.

2. Now attach a rope for supporting the hoops from bow to stern, wrapped round each of the hoop (note – for simplicity- the picture below only shows it from bow to the first hoop) see below.

3. Next, lay the tent out bow to stern and attach it at the stern and loosely at the bow It can be tightened later. See below.

4. Push the tent up to the top of the hoops and pull it down each side. See below.

5. Once the tent covers the boat, it can be lifted up and fixed using the rope ties all the way along each side. It’s nice to be in the boat like this but very hard to row…. See below.

6. For rowing, gather the tent up along it’s length and tie it to the top. You can leave the stern covered if you like for shade in the coxes seat. See below.

7. Finally, feed the mooring rope through the stern hole and the steering ropes as shown below.


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