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Alice in Wonderland Boat Picnics

Alice leaned back in the rowboat and watched flecks of blue flicker among the branches overhead. She heard the sound of the oars splashing in the water as the boat made its way up the Thames from Oxford..

  • Row from Folly Bridge in Oxford to Port Meadow for a picnic by the river
  • Our Alice in Wonderland boat picnic trips will take you gently through much of historic Oxford and out to the meadows where you can eat, have a quiet drink or just enjoy the view.
  • We operate traditional skiffs which will carry up to 5 people, including either 1 or 2 of expert boatmen.
  • It takes about an hour of rowing to get up to Port Meadow, we recommend allowing for 3-4 hours for the full experience, but we can do trips for longer or shorter as required.

Alice trips are bought to you with Thames Vintage Boat Hire.

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