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How to set up and row our Camping Skiff ‘Folly’

Posted on 22nd July 2019

There’s a few important set up things we normally go through when we handover… but just for information:

If there are two people in the boat, both can row using the oars to steer, or one person can row and the other person steer. In this case the rower should row from the position closest to the steerer – this also applies if only one person is in the boat.

The Oars (or blades) are different lengths. The Oars with 9 written on them are used towards the stern (rear) closest to the Cox (steerer)

Use the Oars with the green tape on the right side of the boat (when facing forwards towards the bow) and the red tape on the other side. This is particularly important when ‘Feathering’ see below.

The foot boards are different (one has an indentation running along the top) they should be set up as shown below.

When rowing cross you hands in the middle with the left above the right, as shown below.

Try and ‘Feather’ the blades as shown in the video below.







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