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Family & Friends Self Guided Oxford Classic

  • Self-guided rowing on the Thames
  • Lechlade to Oxford in 3 days
  • Bespoke tours
  • Pick and choose Row England services as required
  • Hotels and transfers available
  • Support and advice

An Overview

From Lechlade in the beautiful Cotswolds to the outskirts of London, the Thames winds through beautiful countryside which is perfect for family and group holidays.

Our self guided tours run when you want and are designed by you! please contact us to get prices and availability, but as a guide we suggest you start with our price list.


We offer a range of accommodation to suit your trip preferences. All our accommodation is carefully chosen to ensure it fits the logistics of the trip, and is of a high standard.

Accommodation preferences can affect the price of your trip, and we will contact you once a booking enquiry has been made to discuss options. Accommodation is subject to availability, so the earlier you book the better.

If you choose to camp either on the boats or at campsites along the routes you will have the greatest flexibility.

Dates & Booking

Since it is self-guided, this trip can be booked at any time depending on skiff availability. To calculate the cost of the trip, please start with Skiff Hire (currently £125 per boat per day) and add in what you require from the following:

  • Hotel Reservations – approximately £50-£100 per night depending on hotel
  • Campsite reservations – these are usually no more than £10-£15 per tent, or free if camping on a camping skiff
  • Concierge service – meeting you morning and evening each day to assist with mooring – £50/day (this is required if you’re not staying with the boat
  • Transport to start or from finish – approximately £50 between Lechlade and Oxford

For fixed prices, please contact us so we can work out a package that suits you!


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